• We are an independent Peruvian financial group focused on asset management, fund distribution & services and investment banking.

  • We believe in excellence, integrity, perseverance, accountability, creativity and trust. These are our core values that will help us achieve our long-term goals

  • We offer high quality financial services to corporate clients and institutional investors.

Who We Are

BD Capital is an independent Peruvian Financial Group focused on asset management, fund distribution & services and investment banking.

We are one of the largest private debt asset managers in Peru. We invest in US dollars and Peruvian soles senior secured and unsecured corporate debt instruments. We manage a portfolio of Peruvian and Latin American Corporate and Financial Institutions, mostly from investment grade countries.

We provide fund distribution, administration and other financial services for local and international third parties seeking an independent entity capable of delivering high quality services.

We offer M&A advisory, valuation, bonds and loans structuring as well as debt restructuring to local companies in the investing banking arena.


  • Great access to most important corporate and financial groups in Peru and LatAm.
  • Strong relationship with local and international institutional investors.
  • Investment Management Team with sound credit and portfolio management expertise.
  • Highly experienced Investment Committee with strong track record in credit.
  • Autonomy from domestic and international financial groups.
  • Committed to ESG investments.


Contribute to society's wellbeing in a sustainable and innovative way.


Become the # 1 independent private debt asset manager and fund administration service provider in the Pacific Alliance, recognized for its innovation, its excellence and its team talent.


Create value for our investors through asset management and fund administration services with an attractive risk adjusted return on funds. We are an independent firm that complements the different financial sector participants. Our experience, passion and talent allow us to offer flexible solutions, as well as to generate trustworthy links with our stakeholders.

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Trust

Asset Management

We invest in US dollar and Peruvian sol denominated senior secured and unsecured corporate debt instruments.

Fund Distribution & Services

We provide fund distribution, administration & services to third parties managers that seek an independent entity capable of delivering high quality fund services.

Investment Banking

We offer M&A advisory, valuations, bonds and loans structuring, and debt restructuring.






It is important for BD Capital to have a total commitment to integrity and ethical principles in our decisions and relations with stakeholders. Our team understands the significant impact that any transgressions to the ethical laws would have on the reputation of the firm. And therefore, our business principles are based on internal policies with the highest ethical standards that are followed by our team and can be seen in our relations with third parties. The firm maintains a Code of Conduct & Ethics and an Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy in order to guide our team in their roles and to share our principles with third parties. For more details, see below: (Click for Spanish Version).

Contact information

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Av. Pardo y Aliaga 640, Oficina 603.
San Isidro, Lima, Peru


+(511) 440 2714